Venue and Accommodation

Conference venue

The symposium will take place at Haus der Berge (house of the mountains) - the National Park's official visitor center. You can reach the symposium venue by foot from downtown Berchtesgaden (approximately 10 minutes).


Berchtesgaden is a popular tourist attraction and we thus recommend booking your accommodation early. We will pre-reserve enough rooms for all symposium attendees and let you know how to book them soon.

Public transport from Munich or Salzburg to Berchtesgaden

From Munich airport / main train station you can take a train to Salzburg main train station (every 30-60 minutes, 1.45 hours), from where a bus (Bus 840, 45 minutes) connects to Berchtesgaden. You can plan your travel on the website of the Germany Railway: If you need assistance with planning your trip to Berchtesgaden, contact us!