Keynotes and Sessions

Keynote speakers

Kristina Anderson-Teixeira (Smithonian Institution)
Nicholas Coops (University of British Columbia)
Lara Kueppers (University of California Berkeley)
Catalina Munteanu (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Juli G. Pausas (Universitat de València) 
Andreas Schuldt (University of Göttingen)
Josep M. Serra-Diaz (AgroParisTech)
Monica G. Turner (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Tentative schedule

Tuesday 22nd September

1300-1330: Introduction and welcome notes
1330-1400: Keynote 1
1400-1600: Poster session 1 - Past, present and future forest ecosystem dynamics
1600-1630: coffee break
1630-1700: Keynote 2

1900: Icebreaker at Haus der Berge (National Park information center)
Wednesday 23rd September 

0900-0930: Keynote 3
0930-1000: coffee break
1000-1200: Poster session 2 - Forest disturbance impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services
1200-1230: Keynote 4
1230-1400: Lunch break
1400-1430: Keynote 5
1430-1630: Poster session 3 - Forest ecosystem management in a changing world
1630-1700: Coffee break
1700-1730: Keynote 6

1800: Guided tour through the exhibition at Haus der Berge (National Park information center)
Thursday 24th September

0830-1700: Field trip to the National Park
1900: Conference dinner at a typical Bavarian brewpub (

Friday 25th September

0900-0930: Keynote 7
0930-1000: Coffee break
1000-1200: Poster session 4 - Novel approaches for studying forest disturbances and forest ecosystem dynamics
1200-1230: Keynote 8
1230-1300: Closing remarks